The Viking and the Apologist: Hard Battle in Techno-raptor valley.

Kent braced himself against the cliffs edge, and readied his spear. If the techno-raptors were to kill him, it would not be for a lack of fight. As the half lizard, half robot monstrosities drew near – their gaping maws dripping saliva and gore, Kent steeled himself for battle. Then lighting struck the ground and sent the raptors flying. Looking up Kent saw Ansgar descending on a winged horse to save him.

“Climb aboard boy” Ansgar said. “Once we have rid this valley of these dreaded techno-raptors, I will once again know your flesh!” Kent sighed at the sight of the big man, and climbed up behind him. “I will follow you anywhere mighty lord.” Kent gushed as they rose into the sky.

Kent clung to Ansgar, noticing the big mans muscles as he gripped him. As they rose into the heavens Kent kept his hands close to Ansgar’s inner thighs, feeling the power there, and remembering his short time with the mighty Viking warrior.

Then without warning, Ansgar raised his battle axe, and the valley was riddled with lightning. Bolts of pure energy raining down destruction on the techno-raptors, and their keepers the Cloaked Ones.

The battle seemed to be won, and Ansgar smiled back at Kent.

“It’s been some time, boy.” Ansgar said.

Kent blushed and looked away, struggling to control the fire burning in his belly. He yearned for the big man’s caress.

Looking down, Kent noticed one of Cloaked Ones performing some obscene ritual. He swung his face back up to Ansgar at the evil sorcerer plunged a knife deep in his own heart.

“Ansgar, below!” Kent cried.

At this moment one of the Elder Beings rose to confront Ansgar and Kent. The Eldritch horror hosted a thousand tentacles – its awful stench permeated the air as it rose to face the mighty warrior and his consort. Strange energy surrounded the horror as it set itself to do battle with Ansgar, and his faithful farmhand Kent.

Without warning the monstrosity attacked Ansgar with unholy energy, knocking the big man out with one mighty blast.

Ansgar wilted in his saddle.

Kent had to think fast. His master was unconscious, and he was ill prepared for battle.

Then Jesus came to him in the last moments and said:

“Kent, the power to fell these beasts has always resided within you.”

Kent focused on the power that could only be accessed by a pure believer. The power of Christ filled him, and he prepared himself to strike.

As Kent clung to Ansgar he found his member engorged with blood, and his bloodlust worked to an unbelievable level. Kent pulled back with his spear and thrust it into the heart of the Eldritch terror, slaying it with one mighty attack, and sending it back to the abyss.

As the winged horse settled to the earth – Ansgar was lowered, unconscious and limp to the ground.

Kent, panicked at the sight of his great lover. His heart swelled to bursting, as he threw himself at his lovers body.

” Ansgar, your mighty deeds will not be forgotten! I will carry your memory as long as I live!”

Tune in next time for the stunning conclusion, in the saga of The Viking, and the Apologist.

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